New Program - Bioscience


Bioscience Program Information Session:
February 12, 2015
11AM and 4 PM
Atlanta Technical College - Allied Health Complex - Building H
Contact: Barry Bates, program coordnator - 404-225-4583

“Bioscience involves using products from living things to make our lives better, and this program will certainly give students a firm foundation upon which to build. Because this is an area that has a very high demand for skilled laborers, a world of opportunity awaits those who have matriculated the program. Upon completion, students will have the option of directly entering the workforce or pursuing advanced degrees. Either way, they will be well-equipped to excel.” – Barry Bates, program coordinator

Programs of study:
Program page - course descriptions

(1) Bioscience Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree

(2) Bioscience Environmental Laboratory Technologist Technical Certificate of Credit

(3) Bioscience Regulatory Assurance Technologist Technical Certificate of Credit

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More information on the Atlanta Tech program
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What is unique about the Atlanta Tech program?

  • The curriculum will cover the basic principles of chemistry, biology, and microbiology; recombinant DNA; analytical chemistry; laboratory instrumentation; and the growth, isolation, and characterization of microorganisms and cells and their components.

  • Students will receive training in basic plant and animal cell culture, recombinant DNA methods, immunological techniques, and the purification and identification of important biological molecules. The general studies component of the curriculum will develop students’ written and oral communication skills as well as computational skills and provide breadth to the curriculum in the areas of humanities, behavioral sciences, and mathematics.

  • The Bioscience Technology program will prepare students to gain employment in private, governmental, or educational laboratories that perform research in basic or applied science or in the development of therapeutic proteins, pharmaceuticals, agricultural or manufacturing products, or medical devices.


  • Georgia is home to more than 300 bioscience companies.
  • According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, 16.2% of the life science companies in Georgia are categorized as biotechnology and 6.8% as pharmaceutical manufacturing. It further indicates that there are approximately 45 biotech and science firms and, as such, a great demand for technicians.
  • As more biotechnology companies relocate to Georgia, the demand for skilled workers to administer treatments, monitor patient responses, identify adverse reactions, collect and deliver clinical data to research agencies, and protect patient safety and rights will continue to increase.
  • The BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook Edition 2010–2011 indicates a projected growth of 21% in the employment of biological scientists during the decade between 2008 and 2018, which is a much faster growth rate than the average for all other occupations.