Exemption Testing

Institutional exemption exams for demonstrating written and/or performance mastery of skills are available within instructional programs for certain courses. Students may inquire with their instructors, academic advisors and/or divisional deans about the availability of exemption tests. The exemption test shall be done within the first 7 days of the semester. Students may qualify for a locally developed exemption test based on the following conditions:

  • Enrolled at Atlanta Technical College at the time of test administration;
  • Present evidence to indicate that past education, training, and /or work experience has been acquired and was similar to the content of the course to be replaced (experiential learning);
  • Receive a score of 80 percent or higher on the examination for exemption; and
  • Register and pay fees for the course to be awarded credit by examination. Course fees will not exceed 25 percent of the tuition for the course.

If a student previously attempted, audited, failed, or withdrew from a course after the drop/add period at Atlanta Tech, the student cannot receive credit for that course by exemption examination. The student will be allowed only one exemption per course. A prerequisite course requirement must be satisfied.

If a student exempts a course, credit is given, but no grade points are calculated for that course. Exemption credit earned is considered toward the total hours earned, but does not count toward carried hours for the semester. Course exemption may affect the full-time status of a student. A student may exempt no more than 50 percent of the program course work to be eligible for an Atlanta Tech degree, diploma, or technical certificate of credit.

Students are responsible for the cost of exempted classes and financial aid is not available for exempted courses.