Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is an online course? An online course is held between 80% and 100% online. Some online courses require you to come on-campus for testing, orientation, or presentations. Be sure to check the course requirements.

What is a hybrid course? Instruction which combines online instruction and traditional classroom instruction. No more than 49% of a hybrid course’s scheduled contact hours are taught online.

What is a Web-enhanced course? Instruction supplemented by Internet resources. These courses meet every class session on campus.

How do I find out what is required of me in an online course? Click on this link. Here you will find information about orientation, software requirements, and instructor contact information.

How much time should I expect to spend on an online course? You should expect to spend the same amount of time on an online course as you would attending and studying for an on-campus course.

What kind of technology do I have to have to take an online course? Please review the information on the Hardware & Software Requirements page to make certain that your computer's hardware and software meet the requirements for online learning.

How do I login to my online course?

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Key in your username. What is your username? It is the following:
  3. New login and password: 23_STUDENTIDNUMBER (no spaces & also note there is an underscore separating the two digit college identifier and your student ID.)  23 is the Atlanta Tech two digit college extension.
  4. Press the Tab key.
  5. Key in your password. What is your password? Your password is the same as your username.

Username: 23_studentID  Example: 23_900123456
Password: 23_studentID  Example: 23_900123456

  1. Click the Login button.
  2. Your course(s) will be listed on the next page.

You will be prompted to change your password once you have logged successfully into the system. Please remember this new password.

How do I update my email in personal Information on BannerWeb?

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on current students
  3. Click on BannerWeb
  4. Click on BannerWeb Login
  5. Click on "Enter Secure Area"
  6. Click on the box next to User ID and key in your User ID and then click on the box next to PIN (Personal Identification Number) and key in your PIN. If you don't know or have forgotten your User ID or PIN email by providing your studentID (900#) and your first and last name for help.
  7. Click the "Login" button
  8. Click on "Personal Information".
  9. Click on "Update E-mail Addresses".
  10. Click on the text box arrow for the drop down menu and click "Student E-Mail".
  11. Click on the "Submit" button.
  12. In the text box next to "E-mail:" type your complete address (for example,
  13. Click the "Save" button.

When do I get an Blackboard Account? Your Blackboard account should be available on the first day of the course. If you register during ADD/DROP registration, it should be available approximately 24 hours after you register.

When does my online class begin? When does it end? All online courses begin on the first official day of class for the semester and session. Please check the course schedule for the exact date. Online students are expected to login to Blackboard on the first day of class and at least 3-5 days per week. When you login to your online course, you will see the expectations and deadlines for the course. Failure to log into the course during the first 7th day may result in receiving a NO show for the course and being disabled in the course.

All online courses are not self-paced. Each instructor has a schedule with assignment due dates that must be met.

Online courses end on the last day of the quarter/semester and session. See the course schedule and the course syllabus for that exact date for each session within each semester.

How do I get started in my online course? You will be able to access your online course the same day that classes begin. You should login to your course the first day of the semester.

Is there an orientation for Blackboard Learning Software? Yes. It will be conducted in the library in G1101 digital room. Check out for the days and time with orientation page.

How do I turn in assignments communicate with my instructor, and take tests/exams?

  • Online students turn in homework/assignments and communicate with their instructor through the Blackboard system using drop boxes, internal course mail, or by using other course tools as stated in the course syllabus. 
  • Check your course syllabus to find out when you instructor may be available for
  • Students communicate with other students enrolled in the course through private course mail and public “discussion board” postings.
  • Students in most courses take their tests online using Blackboard testing capabilities.

What about privacy? The Blackboard LMS provides a secure password protected learning environment. Only your instructor, course administrators, and students enrolled in the course have access to course content. Students have access to their grades only; they cannot see the grades of other students.

Who do I contact with questions pertaining to the course? Contact your instructor. Check your course syllabus for contact information.

Technical Questions

Who do I contact for technical questions? For Blackboard technical support, please submit a ticket utilizing the Blackboard Support System from the Blackboard Home page..
For MyMathLab technical support, please contact your instructor.

How do I drop or withdraw from an online course? Please contact the online coordinator for Blackboard technical support, please submit a ticket utilizing the Blackboard Support System from the Blackboard Home page.
For MyMathLab technical support, please contact your instructor.

How do I clear browser cache? Click here to get the details.


How do I disable pop-up blockers on my computer?

  • If you have the Google Toolbar installed you can disable the pop-up blocker by going to Options on the Google Toolbar. Under the Accessories area uncheck the box next to Popup Blocker. Click the Apply button. Click the OK button.
  • Windows SP2 has a built-in pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer. To disable this feature, click on the Tools menu on Internet Explorer. Then click Internet Options. Select the Privacy Tab. Uncheck the checkbox next to Block pop-ups. Click the Apply button. Click the OK button. For more detailed information visit Microsoft's Web site.
  • Users of the Firefox browser must open the Options menu and click on the Content Options button. Uncheck the Block pop-up windows. Click the OK button. For detailed information please visit's Option/Preferenced Window help page and review the Content options item.
  • Disable other pop-up blockers by following information provided by the pop-up software.

How do I enable Java on my computer? The Java runtime environment must be enabled on your computer in order to run the Java applets in Blackboard. Please follow the instructions from Sun Microsystems Web site, to enable the Sun JRE though your Web browser.

Java is not installed on my computer - how do I install it? To install the Java software on your computer please go to Sun Microsystems Web site and follow the directions for download.

How do I enable JavaScript technology on my computer? JavaScript is a programming language that adds functionality to Web pages. If a Web page does not function as expected and displays a JavaScript error message this could mean that JavaScript is not enabled in the browser, or that the browser does not support JavaScript technology.

Contact the webmaster of that site to report the error including the:

  1. Error message
  2. Type and version of the browser used
  3. URL of the web page that displayed the error message
  4. Steps to reproduce the error

When accessing a course page in Blackboard, I receive a 'Page Not Found' error message. What do I do? Web browsers create a file of each Web page that you visit. These files are usually stored in the Temporary Internet files folder. Each time you revisit a Web page your browsers checks this folder to see if a stored version of the page exists. This saves your browser time when loading a page because it can call up some of the page elements from the temporary file and just update new or changed information.

If you receive a 'Page not found' error when trying to load an Blackboard page try emptying your temporary files, see next faq, to refresh your browser and allow it to access the most recent version on the Blackboard page.

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I can’t enter text into discussion boards or other text boxes. You may experience problems entering text into text entry boxes if you are running an old version of Java or do not have Java installed. Refer to the Java FAQ above for a solution.