Industrial & Transportation Technologies

Dr. Ian Toppin - Dean of Industrial and Transportation Technologies
Office: 404-225-4502

Industrial Technologies
Rapid advancements in the industrial technologies areas make the need for current education and training essential. To meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified technicians, Atlanta Technical College offers associate degree programs, diploma programs and technical certificates of credit (TCC) in the field of industrial technology in areas such as: Air Condition Technology; Carpentry; Drafting; Electrical Construction and Maintenance; Electronics and Telecommunications; Plumbing; Welding and Joining Technology; Supply Chain Management; Procurement.

Transportation Technologies
The transportation technology programs are courses that prepare students for positions in various areas. The programs emphasize a combination of mechanical theory and practical experience. Current program offerings include Auto Collision Repair; Automotive Technology; Aviation Maintenance Technology; Avionics; Commercial Truck and Passenger Driving; Diesel Equipment Technology.

Industrial Engineering Technology
Industrial Systems Technology
A.S. Supply Chain Management

Air Conditioning Technology
Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Technology
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Avionics Maintenance Technology
Diesel Equipment Technology
Drafting Technology
Electrical Systems Technology
Electronics Fundamentals
Electronics Technology

Technical Certificates of Credit:
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician
Automotive Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist
Automotive Climate Control Technician
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II
Automotive Engine Performance Technician
Automotive Engine Repair Technician
Automotive Manual Drive Tran & Axle Repair Technician
Aviation Airframe Technician
Aviation Power Plant Technician
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Avionics Bench Technician
CAD Operator
Certified Construction Worker
Certified Warehousing & Dist Specialist
Commercial Carpenter
Commercial Truck Driving
Commercial Wiring
Construction Manager
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician
Diesel Engine Service Technician
Diesel Truck Maintenance Technician
Framing Carpenter
Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Technician
Industrial Electrical Controls Technician
Industrial Mechatronics
Pipe Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Plumbing Service & Systems Specialist
Residential/Commercial Plumbing Technician
Residential Wiring Technician
Supply Chain Manager
Welding Blueprint Reading