Move On When Ready

Move On When Ready/Dual Enrollment

The Move On When Ready program at Atlanta Technical College provides an opportunity for students to dual enroll at a participating eligible public or private high school, or home school program in Georgia, and Atlanta Tech. Students take coursework at Atlanta Technical College for credit towards both high school graduation or home study completion and postsecondary requirements. Students must have approval from their high school guidance counselor and their parents to participate.

The program is offered during all academic semesters " Fall, Spring, and Summer.

The Georgia Student Finance Commission requires that a MOWR High School/Home Study Program Participation Agreement be on file for each high school/home study program in order for students from that high school/home study program to participate in the MOWR program. For more information about MOWR and its requirements, please visit the Georgia Department of Education's website.

To obtain the MOWR Application and Program Participant Agreement, contact Juli Gilyard or Anissa Ferrell, High School Programs Coordinators at (404) 225-4511 or

What Is Required For Admission?

  • Current student enrolled in an eligible public or private high school (or home school program) in Georgia.
  • Minimum SAT, ACT, ASSET or COMPASS placement test scores.
  • Move on When Ready/Dual Enrollmentadmissions application.
  • Move on When Ready/Dual EnrollmentStudent Participation Agreement(must be signed by high school counselor and parent/guardian).

Enrollment Steps

Step 1:
Submit qualifying SAT, ACT, or ASSET test scores to Atlanta Tech or take the Compass placement test (contact for details).
Step 2:
Complete the MOWR admissions application.
Step 3:
Meet with your high school counselor and parent/guardian to complete the Move on When Ready Student Participation Agreement.
Step 4:
Scan and email the completed MOWR admissions application and student participation form to or drop it off at the Atlanta Technical College Office of Admissions located at 1560 Metropolitan Parkway, SW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30310.
Step 5:
Login in or set up a GAfutures account at, and complete the MOWR (financial aid) application online.
Step 6:
Receive acceptance letter/email.
Step 7:
Attend orientation and registration session (information for scheduling will be disseminated upon acceptance).

For additional information, please contact us at


High school students can obtain articulated credit for classes taken while in high school that were taught be the high school instructor. Students have to take the appropriate course, meet the eligibility requirements and pass the college examination.

For more information, talk with your high school guidance counselor or contact Juli Gilyard, or Anissa Ferrell High School Programs Coordinator, at (404) 225-4511 or