Refunds & Disbursements


Students whose financial aid awards exceed the direct cost of tuition and fees will receive a refund. Refunds are processed by the ATC Business Office each term. For additional information regarding refunds, students should contact the Business Office.

Federal R2T4 Policy

The federal government requires colleges to monitor the enrollment activity of each federal financial aid recipients. A return to title IV funds process (R2T4) must be performed on students who totally withdraw from class prior to the 60% point of each term. This process identifies the percentage of funding that the student earned, which often results in a reduction in the student’s award for said term. Therefore, students are sometimes required to repay funds received.

State Refund Policy

The Technical College System of Georgia defines the state refund policy that must be followed by ATC. Should the student alter his/her enrollment status during the first three days of the term, the students tuition and fee charges are revised accordingly. Should changes occur after the first three days of the term, there will be no reduction (refund) of tuition and fee charges.

Repayment Requirements

Occasionally, a student may receive federal or state funding in error. This may occur due to technical difficulties, human error, incorrect data provided by the student, etc. Please note that federal and state funds received in error, regardless of the reason, must be repaid by the student.