How to Apply

Regular Admission

Applicants are asked to submit the following information to the Admissions Office.

  • A completed application for admission with a $20 (nonrefundable) application fee.
  • Applicants who have completed (C or better) a minimum of 30 semester or 45 semester hours at the degree level may submit official college transcripts in lieu of high school diploma or GED.
  • Satisfactory scores on the SAT I, ACT, ASSET, or COMPASS placement test or a grade of C or better from an accredited postsecondary institution in English and math level 100 or higher. Algebra placement test scores are required for certain diploma programs and all degree programs. Test scores are considered valid for placement for a period of 5 years.

Applicants will be admitted with regular status to an associate degree program with the following SAT I and ACT scores:

Verbal: 450 (New Score 25) English: 20 (New Score 16)
Reading: 450 (New Score 25) Reading: 20 (New Score 17)
Math: 440 (New Score 24) Math: 20 (New Score 19)


Applicants will be admitted with regular status to a diploma or technical certificate of credit program with the following SAT I and ACT scores:

Verbal: 430: (New Score 24) English: 20 (New Score 16)
Reading: 430 (New Score 24) Reading: 20 (New Score 17)
Math: 410 (New Score 22) Math: 20 (New Score 19)


ASSET or COMPASS scores for all degree, diploma, and certificate programs are available upon request in the admissions office.

Provisional Admission

Applicants whose test scores do not meet regular admission standards may be admitted on a provisional basis. Provisional students may take learning support classes and certain occupational courses simultaneously. Students must satisfactorily complete prescribed learning support classes in order to progress through the curriculum.

Provisional admission requires the applicant to (1) satisfactorily complete prescribed learning support classes, and (2) meet all other regular admission requirements.

Learning Support Admission

Learning Support admission is granted to students who score below the provisional cut scores in English, math and reading. These students are granted Learning Support status and receive institution credit. The students may not take occupational courses until achieving provisional status. Learning Support admission requires the applicant to (1) enroll in learning support classes, (2) meet all other regular admissions requirements, and (3) meet admissions test standards prior to being converted to regular admission status. Learning Support students are not eligible for federal financial aid (i.e. Pell, SEOG, Federal Work Study). Learning Support students are eligible to enroll in learning support classes only.

Students who fail the same learning support course for three semesters will not be able to enroll in the course again without receiving special written permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students who have received satisfactory grades in equivalent learning support courses at other Technical College System of Georgia colleges may request equivalent institution credit for exemption from such courses.

Special Status Admission

The special status admission category is designed for students who are not seeking a certificate/diploma/degree but who desire credit for coursework in a specific program. Students must submit an application, and the following admission parameters apply under this classification. Special status students are not permitted to enroll in clinical courses.

  1. Students may receive credit for an unlimited number of courses, but may transfer only 25 credit hours into a specific program for award seeking purposes.
  2. Students may obtain regular program admission status before or upon reaching the 25 credit hours and must meet regular program admission criteria, if the hours are to be credited toward a degree, diploma, or certificate program.
  3. Special status students are not eligible for financial aid.
  4. Courses selected by special status students are subject to specific prerequisite requirement.
  5. The number of hours taken as a special admit student in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process.
  6. Students may enroll in classes on space-available basis.

Transient Student Admission

Applicants who are in good standing at another accredited institution may be permitted to enroll as transient students on a space-available basis. All transient applicants should be advised by their home institution concerning recommended courses in order to comply with requirements of their home institution. Transient students must submit the following:

  1. A completed application for admission with a $20 (nonrefundable) application fee.
  2. Transient Agreement Letter must verify that the student is in good standing and should list the courses the student is eligible to take.
  3. Payment of fees to attend Atlanta Technical College.

Non-credit Admission

Students who desire to take continuing education courses, seminars, and/or specialty courses, but do not wish to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate will be admitted as non-credit students. These students are not required to follow the same admission procedures as credit program students; however, completion of an application form is required for the purpose of registration. Registration information for continuing education students is available at Continuing education students are not eligible for financial aid.

Readmission of Former Students

Students who are absent from Atlanta Technical College for one to four semesters will be required to:

  1. Submit a re-entry application to the Admissions Office.
  2. Meet the Atlanta Technical College general catalog admission requirements in effect at the time of readmission.
  3. Submit to the Admissions Office official transcripts from all high schools, colleges or universities attended.

Transfer Student Admission

Applicants who have previously enrolled in one or more institutions of higher education must submit documentation of regular admission to, and of good standing at an accredited diploma or degree granting institution. In addition, the applicant must meet regular admission requirements of Atlanta Technical College.

Dual Enrollment Admission

Dual enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to begin college coursework at Atlanta Technical College while still enrolled in high school. Students will receive credits for successfully completed coursework at their high school and at Atlanta Technical College. Courses to be taken are approved by the high school principal and/or school counselor and must be on the Department of Education's approved course list.

Joint Enrollment Admission

Joint enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take College coursework in addition to their high school courses. Jointly enrolled students ONLY receive credits at Atlanta Technical College.

International Student Admissions

Atlanta Technical College is approved by Immigration and Naturalization Services for the issuance of I-20s. International students must meet INS requirements and those admissions requirements applicable to non-international student applicants. The following guidelines shall apply to the admission of all international students (I-20) M1 Visa Only

  1. International students must submit the application form and $20 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Students must submit an Official High School transcript translated in English, evaluated and determined to be equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.
  3. INS Form I-134 (Affidavit of Financial Support) must document, by bank statements and tax returns, a minimum of $18,146 per academic school to cover tuition and living expenses.
  4. Students must prove fluency in English.
  5. Students who are lawful residents in another country and are studying at Atlanta Technical College on a student  visa shall pay tuition and fees at a rate four times that charged to Georgia residents.
  6. Students who are lawfully documented residents of the United States, but do not otherwise qualify as Georgia residents shall pay tuition which is twice the rate charged to Georgia residents.
  7. Non-resident tuition may be waived, on a semester-by-semester basis, for an international student selected by the President. However, the number of such waivers shall not exceed two percent of the full -time equivalent student enrollment in the semester immediately preceding that in which the waiver is to be granted. Students receiving the waiver shall pay resident tuition rates but will not qualify for HOPE program scholarships.
  8. Students at Atlanta Technical College are required to identify their country of lawful residence on the admissions application and are asked to submit documentation of state residency, permanent resident citizenship status, and refugee status. Prospective international students applying from within the United States must also submit:
    • Change of Status form (I-539) and $300.00 money order made out to the INS.
    • Students must hold a valid passport and visa.

Home Schooled Applicant Guidelines

Applicants who have been home schooled must submit the following documentation:

  1. Submissions of a letter of intent to home school.
  2. Verified attendance reports.
  3. Annual progress reports or final transcript from junior and senior years written by the student’s primary instructor at his/her home school.
  4. The final progress report with the student’s graduation date.