Tuition & Fees

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Fee Schedule

Payment of fees and Refunds

Application Fee

All applicants to Atlanta Technical College must submit a $20 fee with the application form before the application can be processed. The fee is nonrefundable and will not apply toward students' registration. This fee also includes payment for the entrance examination.

Tuition Fee

All students are required to pay a tuition fee based on their residency status, which is calculated according to the number of credit hours of enrollment. Georgia residents pay $89 per credit hour. Out-of-state tuition fees are calculated at twice the resident tuition fees. International students' tuition fees are calculated at four times the resident tuition fees.

Students who are legal residents of the state of Georgia under the regulations of the State Board of The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) shall pay tuition and fees at the state resident rate. A legal resident has resided in the state of Georgia during the 12 months prior to their application date. This per credit fee may be greater for certain programs, if approved by the TCSG. For example, students enrolled in the Commercial Truck Driving program pay tuition at a rate of $132 per credit hour for Georgia residents.

Student Activity Fee

Registered students will pay a student activity fee of $30 each term. This fee is used to support student activities, campus activity days, student organizations, and more. Students taking only on-line courses are not assessed an activity fee. Click here for a list of student organizations.

Registration Fee

Each registered student will pay a $63 registration fee each term.

Accident Insurance Fee

Each registered student will pay an accident insurance fee of $4 for the term. This insurance will cover students for the costs of an accidental injury on campus or while participating in an approved student activity as an official representative of the College. All students must have College insurance. Professional liability insurance is required for students in certain programs such as those in the Health Occupations and Human Services Divisions.

Malpractice Insurance Fee

A professional liability insurance fee is required for students in the Health Occupations and Human Services Divisions. This fee is $10.00 for students enrolled in our healthcare, early child care education, barbering and cosmetology programs during their practical training. For students enrolled in the EMT or paramedicine programs, the fee has been reduced from $61 to $40.00. These costs are subject to periodic changes, and the most current cost information may be obtained in the Business Office.

Late Registration

An additional fee of $45 will be added to the regular fees for all students who register during late registration, on the first day of class, or during the drop/add period. This does not apply to students who were purged and had their schedule reinstated. The late registration fee is not refundable.

Books, Tools, Uniforms, Equipment

Tuition and fees do not include textbooks, supplies, and tools that may be needed for your classes. Students are required to purchase books, tools, uniforms, and equipment appropriate for their programs of study. Financial aid may not cover the cost of all these supplies. Most books may be purchased in the bookstore.

Parking Decal

All students that park a vehicle on-campus will be charged a yearly parking decal fee of $23. The parking decal is valid for one full academic year, from the first day of the fall semester until the last day of summer term.

Graduation Fee

Students are required to pay a one-time graduation fee of $35 at the completion of their program of study. This fee covers the certificate/diploma and participation in the graduation ceremony. It does not include the cost of the cap, gown, invitations, and other related material.

Senior Citizen Fees

Qualified senior citizens (age 62 or older), who wish to enroll in classes pay the application and other mandatory fees. Tuition fees for credit classes may be waived; however, tuition cannot be waived if the senior citizen enrollment is required for the minimum enrollment of the course. Senior citizens with tuition fees waived will be enrolled on a space-available basis during the drop/add period. Tuition cannot be waived for enrollment in noncredit courses.

Employee Fees

Full-time employees of Atlanta Technical College who wish to enroll in classes pay application and other mandatory fees. Employees who wish to enroll in credit classes are required to apply for financial aid assistance. If financial aid eligibility does not exist, tuition fees may be waived at the prior approval of the president. Employees with tuition fees waived will be enrolled on a space-available basis during the drop/add period. Tuition cannot be waived if the employee enrollment is required for the minimum enrollment of the course.

Transcript Fee

Students who have discharged all obligations to Atlanta Technical College are entitled to receive through written request a transcript of their permanent records from the Office of the Registrar. A charge of $5 will be made for each transcript requested.

Transcript requests must be in writing, and submitted to the registrar's office. A request form is available for the convenience of students. There is a three-to-five day processing period for transcripts. Official transcripts will not be given to student but will be mailed as requested. The mailing address for the transcript must be included with the request.

Unofficial student copies of transcripts will be given directly to the requester. Providing accurate attendance and name change information will enable staff to complete the request in a timely manner.

Copies of other information in students' education records, with the exception of transcripts from other institutions, will be provided upon written request for a charge of $5 per request.

Replacement of Student Identification

Students who have lost their student ID for the current quarter may have them replaced. There is a charge of $5 for this service. Replacement IDs are made on the second Monday of each month in room 2126.

Academic Credit by Departmental Examination

The fee for academic credit by examination is based on the number of credit hours of the exempted course. A fee of 25 percent of the tuition will be charged for the exam. A receipt must be secured from the Business Office reflecting payment of this fee before taking the examination.

Replacement Diploma

A replacement diploma may be obtained by making a request in the Admissions Office. There is a $25 charge for this service. Diplomas may be replaced within 5 years of graduation.

Additional fees

Technology Fee - $105.00
Special Instructional Fee - $50.00
Facilities Fee - $25.00
Campus Safety Fee - $17.00
Student Assistance Program Fee - $8.00
Retest Fee - $15.00
Replacement of Higher One Card - $20
Returned Check Fee - $30.00
CTD Fuel Charge - $185