Press Release

Atlanta Technical College Adds Four New Online Continuing Education Programs

Atlanta Technical College is pleased to announce that it has added four new online career training programs—Medical Transcription, Medical Transcription Editor, Medical Administrative Assistant, and Administrative Assistant—to its catalog through a partnership with Career Step, an online school offering professional career education.  Atlanta Technical College has chosen to add these programs because they prepare students for careers with lots of opportunities in the rapidly growing healthcare and administrative services industries.

The healthcare and administrative services industries offer a number of in-demand career choices, and the individual career fields represented by these new training programs are expected to show significant job growth over the next few years. The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of new jobs in medical transcription will increase by 6 percent between 2010 and 2020, while the number of medical administrative assistant opportunities is expected to increase by 41 percent (or over 210,000 new jobs) over the same time period. Opportunities for administrative assistants are also expected to be good as this field is projected to grow by over 490,000 new jobs.

The Career Step curriculum, which Atlanta Technical College is offering to its students, provides the opportunity to train online for these growing career fields. The programs incorporate feedback from employers to ensure graduates have the skills needed to excel in the workforce, and specific industry associations have also evaluated the programs—for example, the Career Step Medical Transcription program is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, a leading medical transcription association and certification body. In addition, students also receive extensive graduate support to help turn their education into a job.

For information on the new programs, contact the Atlanta Technical College Office of Continuing Education at 404-225-4487.