Press Release

Atlanta Technical College hosts first GED Graduation

On Friday, June 28, Atlanta Technical College held graduation ceremonies for the 52 graduates of the new adult education program. The college launched the program in August 2012 and the graduation celebrated the accomplishments of the students who passed the General Education Development (GED) examination this year academic year.

LaNette Holloman who served as the 2012 Technical College System of Georgia Student of the Year was the keynote speaker for the ceremony. Holloman, the mother of eight, dropped out of high school as a result of early pregnancies. She shared with the graduates that like many of them, she was negatively impacted by choices she made early in life.

During the economic downturn, Holloman lost her job, home, and automobile. Realizing that education was the pathway to success, she obtained a GED and enrolled in Atlanta Technical College. Holloman studied hard, persevered, and will graduate with honors this summer. As a result of her Atlanta Technical College education, Holloman is currently employed full time, has reliable transportation and resides in a home in Clayton County.

Holloman shared with the graduates that the ceremony represented the closing of one chapter, and the opening of another. While their work in adult education was complete, the journey toward obtaining a college credential and/or employment had just begun. Holloman encouraged them to tackle all of life’s challenges with the same vigor and determination they used to conquer the GED. In doing so, they will build character and experience many more “graduations.”

Hector Leyva, an adult education student, also spoke at the event and shared his story of overcoming obstacles to receive his GED. Leyva, a native of Mexico, originally enrolled in English as a second language courses to demonstrate to his children the importance of lifelong learning. Realizing that education is the pathway to better employment opportunities and ultimately a better life for his family, Leyva enrolled in the adult education program to obtain his GED.

While at the college, Leyva competed in the Exceptional Adult Georgian in Literacy Education (EAGLE) competition and was named the Atlanta Technical College 2013 EAGLE student. He went on to compete in the state competition and placed in the top four.

During the graduation ceremony, Leyva explained to his fellow classmates that less than one year ago, the thought of obtaining a GED was simply a “Big Dream” for many of them, but with hard-work and determination, their dreams have come true. He challenged them to continue to dream big and to work diligently to achieve all of their big goals.

2012-13 GED Graduates
Arnold, Alexis
Askew, Antonio
Benson, Kalekka
Burton, Shantangela
Cad, Tzor
Carswell, Jannah
Clark, Brittany
Cook-Taylor, Renita
Cottrell, Samuel
Darden, Ankisha
Denson, Miracle
Eghiouya, Bazaye
Ellis, Haley
Farley, T'ambra
Fulton, Cassandra
Glass, Melanie
Goodwine, Charles
Greene Jr., Recardo
Hankins, Savon
Harden, Sharney
Harmon, Korey
Harrison, Shannon
Holt, Courtney
Jenkins, Deborah
Jennings, Taequanna
Joseph, Fred
King, Marquez
Kuykendall, Jasmine
Lewis, Erica
Leyva, Hector
Mapes, Kayla
Miller, Jerome
Mitcham, Fancy
Mullins, Renee
Myrik, Stacey
Nunez, Josephine
Nunnery, Diedre
Pace, Tiffany
Palmore, Lisa
Reid, Diana
Rembert, Latoya
Rosario, Francis
Rowan, Kerensky
Russ, Janet
Russell, Samatha
Strong, James
Suluki, Tobias
Threet, Dejuan
Tigner, Brandon
West, Jatoya
Williams, Bryant
Williams, Quacher