Press Release

Atlanta Technical College to Be an Integral part of the New International Center for Technical Education

ATLANTA - Technical College System of Georgia Commissioner Ron Jackson announced today the launch of a new International Center for Technical Education that will enhance the TCSG’s global outreach.

The center’s goal is to build greater worldwide recognition of the TCSG education programs while also working to expand new and existing international student and faculty exchange at the 25 TCSG colleges including Atlanta Technical College which has been a leader in building and sustaining global partnerships for nearly 15 years. 

In 1997, while Atlanta was still realizing the impact of the Olympic Games, Atlanta Technical College began conversations with Felix-Fechenbach Berufskolleg in Detmold, Germany, that would ultimately lead to The Halle International Exchange Program.  To date, an estimated 200 students and faculty have participated as Atlanta Technical College delegates to Germany, and an estimated 170 students and faculty have participated as Felix-Fechenbach Berufskolleg (FFB) delegates to Atlanta, thus fortifying the program’s motto of “Living, Learning, and Working Together.”  

“We are honored to have the opportunity to work with The International Center for Technical Education to expand understanding and respect among people and nations around the world,’” stated Atlanta Technical College’s president, Dr. Alvetta Peterman Thomas.  “For more than a decade, the Halle Exchange Program has had a profound impact on the life of the college and the lives of our staff and students.  We are excited to share best practices with our sister institutions and work collectively to provide students with the experiential learning opportunities that will allow them to thrive in a globalized world.” 

The International Center for Technical Education will expand programs like the Halle Exchange and open avenues for greater awareness in the worldwide education community about the TCSG colleges. “Our plan is to forge international partnerships that will enable the TCSG to solidify its goal of becoming a global leader in technical education,” said Jackson.

The TCSG International Center for Technical Education will establish collaborations with countries and colleges that are interested in developing and improving their technical workforce through higher education partnerships and the sharing of people, programs and best practices.  In addition to faculty and student exchange programs, international partners can receive TCSG assistance with technical education curriculum, faculty training, college system management, and consultation on accreditation.