Atlanta Technical College Delegation Prepares to Depart for Germany

Group to meet with the U.S. Ambassador to Germany during their visit to Berlin

Thirteen students and nine faculty and staff members from Atlanta Technical College (ATC) will depart September 17 for a two-week educational and cultural experience in Germany. While in Detmold, Germany, the group will meet with the Prince and Princess of Lippe, the Mayor of Detmold, and members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During a two-day excursion to Berlin, the delegation will meet with Philip Murphy, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany and visit the German Parliament.

ATC’s thirteen exchange students, who represent a variety of career disciplines, will be paired with students from Felix Fechenbach-Berufskolleg who are studying in the same disciplines. Together they will take part in specialized classes, tours, and internships. The American students will be completely immersed in German culture as they live, work, and study with their student hosts during the two-week stay. The ATC faculty and staff members, most of whom will also be paired with German hosts, will study the German technical college system and its impact on workforce development.

The ATC trip to Germany is held in conjunction with the Halle Exchange program. Representatives from ATC and Felix Fechenbach-Berufskolleg, located in Detmold, Germany, laid the foundation for a global partnership in 1996. In 1998 the two colleges became sister schools and initiated the Halle Exchange program. The exchange program is funded by The Halle Foundation, The Atlanta Technical College Foundation, and by contributions from Atlanta-based corporations.

In February 2011, students and faculty from Felix Fechenbach-Berufskolleg will spend two weeks in Atlanta, studying on ATC’s campus and participating in mini-internships with Atlanta companies.