Student Organizations & Activities

Accounting Club - Shunda Ware (404) 225-4553

The Accounting Club, known as NUMBΣRS, is a pre-professional and social club for accounting students and other interested individuals. Established in 2006, the mission of the Accounting Club is to broaden the student’s appreciation of the profession of accounting. The Club promotes and expands students’ exposure to the accounting and business communities by instituting a strong network of professional contacts; facilitating communication between the community, administration, and students; assisting students in preparing for a career in the accounting profession; and sponsoring various programs to enrich the educational and social experiences at Atlanta Technical College.

Collegiate DECA - Roach, Michelle (404) 225-4563

An organization dedicated to promoting interest in marketing and the distribution of goods and services. Business and students work together to learn collectively, engage in state and international competition, and plan for further careers.

DECA Fact Sheet
DECA Video

Club Metro 1560 - Norman Johnson (404) 225-4513

Metro 1560 club is the arts and entertainment organization on campus. Students learn about the music entertainment industry and have opportunities to produce and perform creative works.

Culinary Arts - Chef Blocker (404) 225-4640

The Culinary Arts Club is to unite its members in the bonds of friendship. To inform members of all activities and opportunities related to the culinary world. To help cultivate skills and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards. To help alleviate problems in the area of hardships to its members. To stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge and to be of service to the community and abroad.

Foundation Setters For Future Minds - Katie Day (404) 225-4580

The purpose of FSFFM is to recognize the needs and desires of Atlanta Technical College (ATC) Early Childhood Education (ECE) students by providing a forum, support system and/or network where by ideas and communications related to school or business can be discussed.

International Exchange Program - Dessie Hall (404) 225-4588

Atlanta Technical College is an active change agent in the city’s life and landscape and reflects Atlanta's international spirit in its campus life and community.  In 1997, while the city was still realizing the impact of the Olympic Games, the College began conversations with Felix-Fechenbach Berufskolleg in Detmold, Germany, that would ultimately lead to an international student exchange. 

To date, an estimated 220 students and faculty have participated as Atlanta Technical College delegates to Germany, and an estimated 190 students and faculty have participated as Felix-Fechenbach Berufskolleg (FFB) delegates to Atlanta, thus fortifying the program’s motto of “Living, Learning, and Working Together.” Click here for information on the Halle Exchange

International Student Club -Ingrid Garcia-Galinat (404) 225-5052
An organization that represents enrolled international students and provides a forum to voice their needs and concerns to the International Student Advisors. ISC plans and sponsors events that unite international students, promote cultural diversity, and provide leadership training for international students.

National Technical Honor Society -Dessie Hall (404) 225-4588

Open to all students in degree and diploma programs. Students must have completed 25 hours with a 3.5 Grade Point Average. This national honor society is service oriented with a focus on helping other students through activities such as tutoring or mentoring and assisting families in the local community who have special needs.

Phi Beta Lambda - Bobby Sutton (404) 225-4549

A non-profit educational association for students preparing for career in business, entrepreneurial, or business-related fields. Its purpose is to promote interest in the field of business and develop leadership qualities in students preparing for business careers

SkillsUSA -Dessie Hall (404) 225-4588

An organization for trade, industrial, technical and health occupation students. It offers leadership, citizen-ship, and character development programs to complete skill training. SkillsUSA members work together to improve the College, the work place, and the community; they also have an opportunity to compete in local, state and national skill Olympics for recognition and achievement awards in their chosen occupational skills.

Student Government Association-Dessie Hall (404) 225-4588

The purpose of SGA shall be to serve and represent the student body, provide a channel through which students may exhibit leadership, recommend activities that enhance student life outside the classroom, and provide for constructive discussion(s) leading to improvement of the College. An additional purpose is to improve communication among students, faculty, staff and the community to promote a college spirit and loyalty to Atlanta Technical College. Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a committee of SGA, comprised of students interested in assisting the SGA with the hosting of campus events.

Visual Graphix Group - Brett Pittre (404) 225-4543

The Visual Graphix Group mission is to enlighten Atlanta Technical College students to the fundamentals of Art and Design. The club plans to expose every member to the great opportunities that are available in the industry. The Visual Graphix Group intends to equip students with knowledge of the creative and technical process of visual art. We will network with professionals in the field of study, and also build a rapport with the community. The Visual Graphix Group will promote student/teacher relationships and establish a foundation that will propel our students towards the future with purpose and fulfillment.